Depressing reminder: The 2016 election will be decided by seven states — and Florida is an absolute must-win

6 May 2015, 7:01 pm


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"It doesn’t say they have the responsibility to carry out a judicial law."

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The end of worker privacy.

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The American Spectator

Elizabeth Warren "Accidentally" Meets With Draft Warren

It's definitely a mistake to think that the scandals that have dogged Hillary Clinton over the past few weeks will have any impact on her future, or her intended coronation. She's a Clinton, after all, and Clintons are immune from the ill effects of bad policy, bad press and bad ideas. And if they'

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She may be campaigning to earn the trust of the 99%, as they like to call themselves, by promising to steal from the rich and give to the...well...the bloated federal organizations that once claimed to serve the poor, according to their originally-filed mission statements but have since become reti
Sen. Barbara Boxer plans to vacate her California Senate seat in the next few years, and the Democrats are looking for the Next Great Hope of the party to step into her wildly outdated sensible heels. Although rumors have flown about that Michelle Obama is angling for the job (with the Obama Librar
Right after Carly Fiorina made the announcement that she was running for President on the morning talk shows,, a site she'd failed to register, in an oversight that's becoming common among Republican Presidential candidates these days, turned into a rudimentary infographic outlinin

The Federalist

Kardashian Culture: ‘Selfishness’ Without a Self

Kim Kardashian's new book of "selfies" isn't evidence of too much self, but of too little.

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Mike Huckabee's cheap awe-shucks populism isn’t substantively different from the destructive class-conflict rhetoric so many on the Left like to peddle.
Some men won't "let" their wives quit working even though they want to. This is what decades of denigrating the work of stay-at-home mothers leads to.
Progressives have successfully transformed the First Amendment’s restrictions on government into an instrument of government speech control.

The Washington Free Beacon

Michigan Voters Overwhelmingly Rejected a Proposed Tax Hike Even After Supporters Flooded the State With Millions

On Tuesday voters defeated Prop. 1, a $2.1 billion gas and sales tax hike aimed at building roads and bridges, by a 60-point margin. The 80-20 vote came in spite of the fact that the hike’s supporters spent more than $9 million to pass the measure, compared with several hundred thousand dollar

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WASHINGTON/AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) - U.S. investigators believe two men killed after opening fire on a Texas event that offered a prize for cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad represent an evolving model of “lone wolf” militants who are radicalized partly by themselves and partly through lo
The Pentagon has advised lawmakers and their staffs against visiting Afghanistan this summer ahead of expected offensives by the Taliban, the Daily Beast reports.
The conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch has filed seven more Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits against the State Department regarding former secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s emails, the group announced Wednesday.

Big Government

Pope Francis' Disturbing Cuba Activism

On Wednesday, President Barack Obama announced that the United States would be changing its policy toward Cuba, opening a Havana embassy and expanding travel. “Through these changes, we intend to create more opportunities for the American and Cuban people and begin a new chapter among the na

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President Barack Obama revealed his favorite film of the year to People Magazine in an interview released on Wednesday.  Obama named Richard Linklater’s Boyhood his favorite movie of 2014.  “Boyhood was a great movie,” he told People Magazine. “That, I think,
On Wednesday's broadcast of ABC's "World News," network report Cecilia Vega confirmed North Korea was behind the cyber-attack on Sony. “Tonight, ABC News has learned federal investigators have determined North Korea is responsible for the worst corporate cyber-attack in history,” Vega
Minnesota State Representative Greg Davids is calling for embattled MIT economics professor Jonathan Gruber, the "architect" of Obamacare, to return all $329,000 he was paid by the state of Minnesota as a subcontractor on a 2011 contract to analyze the state's plan to develop its Obamacare he

American Thinker

The Left's Rejection of Good Faith

The left’s enemies cannot possibly ever operate in good faith, while the left’s heroic leaders don’t require good faith, because they operate within their own version of quasi-metaphysical righteousness.  

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I'm finally fed up with hearing about the "black experience" and how "white privilege" is keeping blacks down.  
Government didn’t create many of the pathologies in poor black inner cities, but it most certainly has exacerbated them.     
The sun is engaging in climate change denial. 

Heritage Foundation

Why This Family Struggled to Secure Health Insurance Under Obamacare for Their 4-Year-Old Son

When Lindsay Franks received a letter from the Department of Health and Human Services’ health insurance marketplace in January, she was certain it was a... Read More The post Why This Family Struggled to Secure Health Insurance Under Obamacare for Their 4-Year-Old Son appeared first on The D

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I’m four months out of college, living halfway across the country from where I grew up. I graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with... Read More The post What Every 2015 College Graduate Should Know appeared first on The Daily Signal.
More than six years out from a government-driven housing bubble, the chief regulator at the Federal Housing Finance Agency, Mel Watt, and the Department of... Read More The post The Government Is Definitely Back in the ‘Affordable Housing’ Game appeared first on The Daily Signal.
For the first time in five years, Congress has passed a budget. However, it does not repeal Obamacare. According to Paul Winfree, director of the... Read More The post How This Congressional Maneuver Could Be Used to Repeal Obamacare appeared first on The Daily Signal.

Smart Policing: Lock Up Liberals

Astronomically low crime rates may be one of the greatest public policy triumphs in history. All this time, liberals have been lying in wait, dying to undo all the accomplishments of the last 20 years.

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Does a mega-abortion facility sound like a mom and pop business to you?
On Saturday, March 28, 2015, thousands marched in Indianapolis in favor of same-sex marriage rights. On Saturday, April 25, 2015, thousands marched in Washington, D.C. in opposition to same-sex marriage.

6 May 2015, 1:15 pm

Tehrans largest cemetery, Behesht-e Zahra, contains the graves of thousands of Iranians killed in battle.

The Corner

Krauthammer's Take: Tired of Clinton Foundation Lies? Expect Eight More Years of Them If We Elect Hillary.

Former president Bill Clinton followed up his attempted weekend defense of the Clinton Foundation scandal with another interview, this time on CNN — and, says Charles Krauthammer, may have made things worse. First, President Clinton: And here’s Dr. K: President Clinton (now) clai

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6 May 2015, 5:10 pm

Elizabeth Warren has risen to prominence in the Democratic party more or less on her ability to give a great speech. As the Washington Post put it back in October, she’s reminded Democrats “that ‘rally’ is a verb.”  Carly Fiorina has pulled off som
I just posted a piece over at the home page detailing how prosecutorial mistakes and a politically correct judge exposed Americans to a potential massacre. In 2011, Garland shooter Elton Simpson received probation for lying to federal officials, but he avoided a much harsher sentence in part b
Florida congressman Ron DeSantis announced his candidacy today for the Senate seat vacated by Marco Rubio. He’s the first Republican to announce, and he’s been endorsed by a bevy of tea-party groups as well as by the Club for Growth.  DeSantis, who is 36, was elected in 2012 and i

Red State

The Democrats In Maryland Are One or Two Pitchers Short Of A Beer Hall Putsch

[caption id="attachment_217354" align="alignleft" width="501"] Anti-Jewish Bigot[/caption] Visigoth Holidays grow tenuous anytime the party runs low on beer and barbecue. I’ve posted the primary remaining raison d’etre of the Postmodern Progressive is to form a tribe, deprive others of

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Should be something to see. The post Shutdown to be revisited in fall of 2015? appeared first on RedState.

6 May 2015, 2:00 pm

If you are in the Chicago area, next weekend you can come watch me reach a personal milestone. I'm delivering my first actual sermon. And that's the prayer request. I enrolled at Reformed Theological Seminary last year and have begun pursuing my Masters in Biblical Studies. I decided against the M.
T he DC City Council passed a law with the Orwellian name of  "Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Amendment Act of 2014" (RHNDA). The bill seems sort of innocuous. I mean how often is anyone really fired because of their method of birth control? How does that conversation come up in a work